Our pinscher story began with…dobermans - in my opinion the most perfect breed. Our first doberman was Smart Wood Hills Dexter (Dex) – handsome, unbelievably smart, intelligent – he became a part of the family! Later on we got a girl Smart Wood Hills Honda (Honia), so Dex would have some company. We spent a lot of time together, went to training classes, dog shows, passed IPO tests. When Dexter went to Rainbow Bridge our house became empty. I couldn’t bring myself  to get another doberman. And my younger daughter Maria made a decision. She proposed to get a miniature doberman or - more precisely - miniature pinscher. I have to humbly admit - I’ve never heard of this breed before! That’s how Duvinal Mauris Murray appeared in our family, and later Duvinal Tsirinus Tsavier. Now our doberman Honda with pleasure fosters generations of miniature pinschers and has become a professional at it. She is loved and valued by all the pinschers who visit our house.